James Bond goes Medieval

août 13, 2007

On August 16, the production team of the next James Bond movie will be in attendance for the Palio festival in Sienna – a horse race that dates back to the Middle Ages – to shoot a particularly complex action sequence.

During the horse race run for the first time in the 17th century to commemorate a Medieval battler victory, 10 horsemen dressed in the colors of the various districts of the Tuscan town charge with no holds barred: the rules allow them to hit other the jockeys and their horses with their riding crops. Interesting to note: the loser of the race is not the last horse to cross the finish line, but the horse (and by extension the district it represents) that comes in second.

As yet untitled, the 22nd adventures of James Bond are scheduled for global release in November 2008.



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  1. Wow !!!

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