How to become a good manager

juillet 31, 2007

Four Italian management consultants have edited a book in which they recommend managers watch certain movies to improve their corporate performance.

In their book, « Cinema for Managers », Francesco Bogliari, Sergio Di Giorgi, Marco Lombardi and Piero Trupia reveal that corporate managers have much to learn from the movies in terms of creativity, leadership, organization, mobbing, problem-solving and team spirit.

The authors of the book list fifty titles from all eras and genres that illustrate concrete examples for how managers can solve delicate problems. Among the titles cited are « The Searchers », for the determination of John Wayne in getting the job done, « Terminal », in which Tom Hanks turns diversity into advantage in a strange environment, « Volver » for the seduction skills used by Penelope Cruz to open and run a restaurant, the importance of political correctness in « The Closet » where Daniel Auteuil becomes the model employee of a company when he lets people think he’s gay, and the art of turning communication against a company as done in « The Manchurian Candidate », in which the success of the candidate, achieved thanks to powerful lobbies, seems too good to be true.


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